The Kubernetes Platform

Containership is the quickest and most intuitive platform for enabling enterprises to accelerate adoption of containers and Kubernetes with a single management dashboard for private cloud, public cloud, and on-premise solutions alike.
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The Cloud Agnostic Kubernetes Distribution


Certified by the CNCF, Containership Kubernetes Engine (CKE) is the most powerful Kubernetes distribution, allowing you to provision clusters on any of the major cloud providers with one consistent tool.

More than just Day 1 Operations

With built-in monitoring, logging, scaling, and upgrades, Containership is the single source of truth for your entire Kubernetes infrastructure.

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Optimize your Infrastructure & Increase Savings

Leverage the strengths of each cloud provider, scale to meet demand, and arm your developers with our unified dashboard.

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Trusted Reliability

We take production infrastructure seriously, and are committed to a 99.999% uptime SLA. If something ever rocks the ship, we will refund your downtime.

99.999% SLA

Easy workload creation, CNCF Certified for 1.12...

We are pleased to announce that the Containership Kubernetes Engine recently passed conformance testing…

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What the Red Hat acquisition means for Kubernetes...

In the largest software acquisition ever, IBM announced they would be acquiring tech giant Red Hat...

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