The Kubernetes Platform

Containership is the most reliable platform for enabling the deployment and management of multicloud Kubernetes infrastructure. Through an intuitive dashboard, enterprises gain the flexibility to operate in public cloud, private cloud, and on-premise environments alike.
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The Cloud Agnostic Kubernetes Distribution


Certified by the CNCF, Containership Kubernetes Engine (CKE) is the most powerful Kubernetes distribution, allowing you to provision clusters on any major cloud provider with one consistent tool.

Built for Day 2 Operations

Arm your operations team with the tools they need to succeed. With built-in monitoring, logging, autoscaling, and upgrades, Containership makes ongoing management of Kubernetes painless.

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Optimize your Infrastructure & Increase Savings

Leverage intelligent autoscaling to increase infrastructure capacity as needed, and decrease your footprint during idle periods to optimize for cost. Empower your team to run workloads on the cloud of their choice in order to leverage the strengths of each cloud provider, or to provide lower-cost development and staging environments through our unified multicloud dashboard.

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Trusted Reliability

We take production infrastructure seriously. Containership is committed to providing a 99.999% platform uptime SLA. If something ever rocks the ship, we will refund your downtime.

99.999% SLA

Spring Release - Containership 3.9

Spring is here, and with it new features are popping up with Containership 3.9. Here is a quick overview of the new functionaility this latest release brings...

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Kube Experience: Managing Multicloud & Multicluster...

There are a lot of tools out there that help you manage a single Kubernetes cluster, including the Kubernetes Dashboard, kubectl, hosted cloud solutions, and many...

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