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we believe

Developers should own the entire application lifecycle.

Developers face a number of infrastructure related challenges while trying to innovate their product. Breaking down the traditional barriers that exist between developers and operators vastly improves application lifecycle velocity. Developers need the freedom to easily deploy their applications, collaborate across teams, and have increased visibility into application performance and logging. The less time developers spend configuring infrastructure, the more time they can devote to what matters most: focusing on business-critical tasks.


we believe

Containers are the building blocks for modern infrastructure.

Containerization technology has proven to be an essential building block in the creation of modern infrastructure. By bundling an application with all of its dependencies, containers produce an immutable artifact that is abstracted from its underlying environment. Decoupling the application from its environment allows workloads to run in a consistent manner on a developer's laptop, in the cloud, or on-premise.


we believe

Kubernetes is the foundation for a cloud native future.

Kubernetes has cemented itself as the de facto standard for container orchestration. Bolstered by an ever growing community, the project has become the keystone to modern infrastructure. The growth of Kubernetes has fostered an entire open source toolset designed for interoperability and longevity. Innovation is rapid, and the benefits are being put to use by thousands of organizations every day on their path to resilient and future-proof infrastructure.


we believe

It is essential for organizations to adopt a multicloud strategy.

Utilizing multiple cloud providers brings inherent benefits to any organization. Choice in provider reduces risk, assists in disaster recovery, and expands the reach of your service to more regions than ever before. With this, end users experience lower latency and increased reliability. Being cloud agnostic allows freedom in choice, which ultimately leads to significant cost savings, as well as improved operational efficiency.


we believe

The path to multicloud infrastructure is challenging.

Building solid infrastructure presents a number of challenges, but when done correctly, enhances and accelerates any organizations development efforts. The path to production should be as frictionless as possible, and never be dictated by a single vendor. Ongoing maintenance should be seamless, and not hinder progress on core product development efforts. A modern infrastructure provides organizations the foundation for growth, increased operational efficiency, and a path to innovation.


we believe

Containership's platform accelerates the adoption of modern infrastructure.

Containership helps organizations accelerate the adoption of cloud native infrastructure. Our unified dashboard enables any organization to implement a multicloud strategy, while adhering to industry best practices. With Containership, organizations are able to better control cloud spend, optimize existing resources, as well as provide a collaborative environment for developers and operators alike.